Tochka free market,
link for safe enter

For safe enter to TOCHKA FREE MARKET you should use our direct link.
Admin: Tochka is now offline due to massive DDoS Attack. Until it is down, you can go to our Empire Market and buy some stuff here (links to Tochka will be changed to Empire Market untill it is down).

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TOCHKA Advantages


Easy to use

Simple interface and convenient search is ready to make your choice appropriate



The fastest market on the darkweb for you. It is working via best anonymous servers



We are using latest cybersecurity technologies, so data will never go to strangers

Enter TOCHKA FREE MARKET right now

Direct link to TOCHKA MARKET - safe and anonymous, you can open via standart browser, or TOR for maximum safety.

  • How do you buy goods on TOCHKA MARKET?

  • 1

    In case of you want to buy goods ASAP, you are free to use your standart browser like Chrome, Safari, etc.

  • 2

    After you enter TOCHKA by our link, you`ll see a registration screen. No personal info, only username, password and captcha.

  • 3

    Simple search section so you can find the product you want in couple of minutes.

  • 4
    Add funds

    You can easily add funds to your account via cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. It is safe and fast

  • 5
    Buy and get goods

    After you found necessary product, add it to your card and pay with your account balance. After all you`ll find information how to get your package.


Some answers for most asked questions about TOCHKA FREE MARKET

Is it safe?

Yes, especially if you use TOR browser. The main goal of TOCHKA MARKET is to provide you with best products with maximum safety.

Is it original

Yep. Link above is an official mirror of onion TOCHKA MARKET for standart browser. It means that you can enter the Market with 1 click.

Is it blocked?

No, but if it so, we operatively change the link and you can continue to use and buy on the Market.

I`ve got a problem

Write down to our support in the special section of the site.


If you don`t want to lose your money, use only official links of the market. There are lots of scammers, so be careful. Add this site to your favourites of your browser, so you will always know original link to TOCHKA FREE MARKET.

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